Monday, June 29, 2009

An office with some personality!

I can still remember trying to calm my nerves as I rode the elevator up to the second floor of the Halle building. I had prepared for my interview at Liggett and was excited to share my knowledge and experience with them. Still, I could not help but be intimidated by the notion of interning at such a highly reputable branding agency.

After only two weeks, it is already hard to imagine how nervous I was to come here. Across the board people have been more than willing to help me learn and adapt to the work environment. I immediately felt just as valued a part of the Liggett community as anyone else. The word community is the best way to describe Liggett because of the way everyone works together and helps each other out with projects.

I have particularly enjoyed experiencing the various personalities this community is composed of. During the first week we were informed the results of our DISC personality test. Learning about the different types of personalities (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) helped me understand a lot about myself, and the way I work with others.

I especially enjoyed hearing about what made other people tick based on their own test results. We learned about the values of each type and how to work best with their personality. Ever since the personality tutorial I have noticed habits of my coworkers that point to their personality diagnosis and it continues to fascinate me how much it helps me understand their point of view.

I know that learning about the various personalities we have and how to work with them will be a useful tool for me throughout my professional career. It is only one of the many things I expect to learn from this experience that will inevitably affect my growth as an individual and in my future career.

Bonnie C.
Brand Management Intern

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