Friday, August 12, 2005

Highlight of My Internship

One of the highlights of my internship was a trip I took to Pittsburgh, PA to help with a grand opening event for one of our clients. It was a project I was able to see through—from building the media lists, assembling the press kits and then having the opportunity to see the actual event for myself. I was able to attend a meet and greet with celebrities that came and attend a VIP luncheon. It was definitely a great experience and it reminded me how exciting and rewarding this field really is.

Lisa S.

This One Tops them All

Of all the projects we’ve been involved with this summer, I must say the L-S Yearbook tops them all. A colleague of mine and I were given the opportunity to head up this project at the beginning of our Internship, and since then we’ve definitely gotten a broad scope of exposure. This includes everything from meeting with top executives for approval of themes and outlines, to photographing events like a retirement party and agency softball games.

The fact that we’re only here for eight weeks of the year makes it hard to develop such a project, but the Yearbook allows us to communicate with people from every different department—people that we might not have talked to otherwise. Next week in fact, I meet with employees to take their individual photos. This kind of work allows me to observe people in various departments and gain a better understanding of the agency as a whole.

The final step before leaving as interns is to find fall-time employees that want to step in and finish the book. The interns will actually be making a formal presentation to an art director, graphic designer, copywriter, and other execs with the work we’ve accomplished. With this presentation we hope to give them an idea of where we were headed, in addition to providing them with everything they need for completion.

The best part about this project is that this is the first “real” yearbook the agency has had. Now each intern class can be part of what we proudly started. I can’t wait to get my copy!

Jennifer M.

Over the past two weeks the other interns and I have been working on designing an intern wall. This has been one of my favorite projects thus far. We were given all the previous projects that the past intern classes have designed (from 2000 through the present). We displayed the projects on two walls with the title and a wave design painted onto the surface. The works are then framed and placed around their year accordingly. It was really awesome to be able to design a wall AND feature our projects for the agency to view.

Lynn J.

Writing Assignments

One of the most interesting and challenging things I have gotten to do as a PR intern is write news releases for magazines seen both nationally and internationally. I recently completed one about a client’s new television campaign. I researched the background of the campaign and talked to various people within the agency in order to compile enough information to write the story. Although it went through a few editing stages, doing the projected really helped me to get to know the client better and continue to practice my writing.

Kelly M.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Photo Shoot

This week the other creative intern and I were invited to a client photo shoot. It was a great experience to be able to view the outdoor set, see the talent, and watch the photographer work. The experience also helped me to realize how much work actually goes into creating a print advertisement. I was able to gain a better understanding of what the art director’s responsibilities include. We were at the site almost the entire day and were able to watch the workers build the second set for the photo shoot to be held later on in the week.
The next day after the photo shoot, the art director sent us some on the photographs to view. It was cool to see the pictures before they were put into the advertisements. I am also really excited to see the ad in print when it is complete and be able to say that I was there behind the scenes.

Lynn J.

Is Agency Life Forever?

After working here at Liggett-Stashower, I will finally admit that I have fallen “head over heals” in love with the agency lifestyle. The most inspiring characteristic of this business is the people. I have met so many amazing people through this challenging experience, each of which, have contributed to my overall happiness at this agency. It is very rare to find true friends in co-workers or to experience true fun when working. The people you work with make all the difference.
As for what my ideal future looks like, well, I plan to spend much of my career within an agency, but I will not be hasty and will consider all my options. To be honest, I hope I get the opportunity to work on the client side of the advertising industry, just so I can understand a different perspective.
It is impossible to say whether or not I will be working in an agency forever, but what I can say is this experience has opened up various opportunities to explore. My ultimate dream in life is to be able to experience life. The most important advice I can offer to myself and to others is: find a home for yourself.

Stephe H.

Press kits

Being able to work on actual client work has allowed me to see how certain projects come together and I definitely feel as though the work I’m doing is making a difference.
Today, for example, was a busy and productive day.
I attended quarterly agency meeting and then an intern meeting
We held our weekly “Take an Executive to Lunch” – a program where the interns can meet with an executive every week and get to know him/her. Then I built media lists for press kits, drafted several press releases for the kits and made media calls. At the end of the day I assembled press kits and organized my time and projects from the day.

Lisa S.

My Internship Schedule

My schedule varies from day to day. Sometimes we work on one to two things all day, other days we can work on five or more. Here is an “average” day.
Arrive at office. Make hot tea because the office is an ice box, check e-mail and phones, respond to messages.
Then I make a TO DO LIST for the day.
It may look a little like this:
Work on intern 2006 Poster
Intern Status meeting
Back to poster
Take a break from poster to cut and mount for client presentation
Work on “Take an Executive to lunch prints”
Remount prints for client presentation (things change quickly around here!)
Put everything away and leave it for the day

Lisa L.

Typical Day

What’s a day like for me as a copywriting intern? Well, it’s often hectic, a little crazy, but always fun. It’s not really hard to get up in the morning to get to work. Like most jobs, and especially summer jobs, getting up in the morning is the worst part of the day. But I’m actually excited to get to Liggett each day!

Here’s a typical day:
Check my e-mail and write down important dates/meetings in my calendar
Finish working on some copy for a series of b2b prints ads
Start working on copy for digital outdoor boards for a client
Meet with design interns to work on a project for the internship program
Eat Subway. Play some pool.
Help concept for a new television/radio campaign
Go back to working on the b2b print ads—revise and rework
Work on scripts for a series of short movie clips promoting the agency
Talk to my mentor, some other people, work on some final things
Try to get out before traffic gets too bad


All in a day's work

Last week I helped set up for the quarterly status meeting, attended the quarterly status meeting. Then I met with the other interns to discuss the intern logo and wall design and attended our weekly intern status meeting. After the meeting, I viewed the intern wall and discussed possible changes. Then the other interns and I had lunch with one of the executives at the agency. After lunch I discussed the intern logo with an art director and president. At the end of the day I helped cut and mount display boards for a client and worked on layout design for the employee yearbook.

Lynn J.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What a day!

Talk about an exciting day, I was asked to go to the official meeting of the Addy Awards. How awesome is that! Many students who intern would never get such an opportunity to have such an honor of accompanying four of the board members of the Cleveland Advertising Association, not to mention we were asked for suggestions for this years upcoming Addy Awards. I had the opportunity as president of our Ad Club at Cleveland State University to take on the task of setting up a team to assist with the process of the Addy’s in 2006. Many of the opportunities that we have been able to embark on have given us the tools to be successful in the classroom as well as out of the class.


Favorite Project

With a week or so remaining, I have been able to touch many different client projects and have had my fair share of concepting ideas for different campaigns. They are all great to be working on, but I would have to say that right now my favorite project is the Liggett-Stashower 2006 Summer Internship Poster.
The poster involved countless hours of brainstorming, combining ideas and trying to think outside of the box. The purpose of the poster is to attract interested students and have them go to the website for more information. Throughout the entire process, the specifics of the poster were changing constantly. We were able to keep up with the changes and come up with a solid concept. I am currently working on the final design layout.
The best part about the poster is that we came up with the idea as a group and it will be sent to a number of colleges so numerous students will be able to see our work. They may not be able to appreciate how much work was put into the poster, but we feel a great sense of accomplishment coming from the final output.

Lisa L.


On Tuesday, I got to spend some time preparing for an all-agency quarterly meeting, and even had the chance to sit and talk with our CEO.
As the program begins to wind down, I also find myself spending most of my time on internal/administrative tasks to wrap-up various projects.

This is what I did on Tuesday July 26:
Arrived and got organized (check email; enter Monday’s timesheet).
I was able to meet with the CEO for approval of 2005 yearbook project ideas.
I wrote Thank You notes to a Client (tour) and an Executive (lunch).
Maintenance arrived; I showed them the space where the Intern Class is designing a Program Display. We discussed the design; they marked the wall studs for us.
I met with a VP to take his order for the Intern “Take an Executive to Lunch” program (once a week).
Internal time (a mix of various small projects and general office time).
Lunch with fellow interns: Halle Building /Food Court
PowerPoint presentation design: “Intern Top 10: What we Learned at L-S”
(for Wednesday’s quarterly agency meeting)
Then I set-up for the big meeting on Wednesday and finalized a PowerPoint presentation.
Gone for the day!

Jennifer M.

What I've learned

Looking back on the first three years of college and what I’ve learned through classes, extracurricular activities and other internships, I would recommend anyone looking for an agency internship to keep a few things in mind:

· Even if you think you know exactly what you want to do, do not limit the classes you take and the activities you are involved in. It’s amazing to me some of the connections you make while looking for internships.
· Chances are if you want to work in this field, it is not uncommon to have to take an unpaid internship. Accept it and know that even if it is unpaid, it can be a very valuable and worthwhile experience.
· If you are a freshman or sophomore, try to intern during the summer. That experience will help when you are looking for one after junior year—a time when everyone wants one.
· If you are looking specifically for public relations, be sure to have a portfolio and samples of your writing. Hold onto things that you write for class, but also join your school newspaper. Having samples of your writing that were published will prove to be invaluable.
· Once you’re there, enjoy your internship. It will be challenging and tiring, but it’s the perfect chance to see if this is the career for you. Get to know the people you work with and let them get to know you.

Lisa S.

It goes a little something like this...

As a Public Relations intern my schedule and the clients I work with vary from day to day, but here is an example of what my “typical” day could be:

Checking e-mail, getting organized for the day
Writing a news release for a media relations kit
Meeting with the interns
Create media list in Bacon’s and continue writing the news release
Photocopies for media relations mailing
Putting together media kits/folders and mailing them out
Media calls
Wrap up projects from the day, make corrections to writing

Kelly M.

Field Trips

Ever been on a field trip? I remember back in grade school I used to go on field trips to box factories and paper mills—a little boring if you ask me. It sounds a little funny, but we also take field trips here at Liggett. Only, we’re actually having a fun time and learning a great deal about the business at the same time. Let me tell you about just a few of these field trips:
First, I had the privilege of going to a professional recording studio. There, I learned how a radio/television ad is made from start to finish. From the early stages of recording the voice talent to the final stages of editing, I witnessed it all. And what was really neat was after my visit, on my way home one day from work, I heard a radio ad that I helped produce and write. This was cool! I don’t know of many internship programs that let you do that. You’re usually behind the scenes, making coffee or copying documents—not at Liggett.
I went on another field trip to a printing company that handles large national accounts. This… Was… Awesome…They showed me how a print ad, DM piece, or any other print item such as an annual report or folder is printed and cut. We met some of the employees, toured the cutting and binding areas and even received a business card from a new friend…
I hope you love your field-trip experience when you’re here at Liggett. I sure did.



Adjectives: To use or not to use

Since starting at Liggett a few months ago, I have come to appreciate and understand the importance of hands-on learning. We can all study from textbooks, listen to lectures from great—and not so great—professors, draft news releases weekly, but until I worked with real clients I did not understand how much more I could learn. Although I was taught never to use adjectives in news releases, all of the sudden I am using them and doing the very thing I was told not to, because that is how the client wants it. While it is important to have a good writing foundation, which school can provide, the ability to manipulate your style for clients is what seems most important. Besides, a few adjectives never hurt anyone!

Kelly M.

This is what I do

Every day at Liggett-Stashower is different and unique. Here is just a simple example of one of my days here at Liggett-Stashower.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
First I typed up to do list, organized my thoughts for a meeting with the CEO - met with the CEO to discuss yearbook ideas and to get approval for new internship logo. Then I met with fellow creative interns to make requested logo changes and filed information with client folders and answered phones at reception desk. After that, I met with Financial to get approval for a t-shirt order, reviewed upcoming tasks, set up meetings and emailed team members.
After lunch, I wrote client supplements for store grand openings, concepted ideas for the intern recognition wall and prepared a speech for the quarterly Wake-Up meeting. Finally, I worked to finalize the internship logo, helped carry photo boxes into the building and and set up for Wake-up meeting.

Stephe H.

Average Day

Do you really want to know what a day is like at Liggett-Stashower? Well having a look at my daily schedule, which changes daily by the way, may give you some insight.

Average Day:
The day started off by checking my emails, voicemails and performing general office duties. Then I brainstormed ideas for print, radio, and television spots and attended meetings discussing upcoming projects.
Then it was time for the all so savory lunchtime.
After lunch I wrote a creative brief for new project, discussed creative briefs with other team members, sketched storyboards for national campaigns and revised creative supplements for clients.
Then I did my reflection of the day and tie up loose ends.