Thursday, August 04, 2005

Typical Day

What’s a day like for me as a copywriting intern? Well, it’s often hectic, a little crazy, but always fun. It’s not really hard to get up in the morning to get to work. Like most jobs, and especially summer jobs, getting up in the morning is the worst part of the day. But I’m actually excited to get to Liggett each day!

Here’s a typical day:
Check my e-mail and write down important dates/meetings in my calendar
Finish working on some copy for a series of b2b prints ads
Start working on copy for digital outdoor boards for a client
Meet with design interns to work on a project for the internship program
Eat Subway. Play some pool.
Help concept for a new television/radio campaign
Go back to working on the b2b print ads—revise and rework
Work on scripts for a series of short movie clips promoting the agency
Talk to my mentor, some other people, work on some final things
Try to get out before traffic gets too bad


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