Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Field Trips

Ever been on a field trip? I remember back in grade school I used to go on field trips to box factories and paper mills—a little boring if you ask me. It sounds a little funny, but we also take field trips here at Liggett. Only, we’re actually having a fun time and learning a great deal about the business at the same time. Let me tell you about just a few of these field trips:
First, I had the privilege of going to a professional recording studio. There, I learned how a radio/television ad is made from start to finish. From the early stages of recording the voice talent to the final stages of editing, I witnessed it all. And what was really neat was after my visit, on my way home one day from work, I heard a radio ad that I helped produce and write. This was cool! I don’t know of many internship programs that let you do that. You’re usually behind the scenes, making coffee or copying documents—not at Liggett.
I went on another field trip to a printing company that handles large national accounts. This… Was… Awesome…They showed me how a print ad, DM piece, or any other print item such as an annual report or folder is printed and cut. We met some of the employees, toured the cutting and binding areas and even received a business card from a new friend…
I hope you love your field-trip experience when you’re here at Liggett. I sure did.


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