Friday, August 12, 2005

This One Tops them All

Of all the projects we’ve been involved with this summer, I must say the L-S Yearbook tops them all. A colleague of mine and I were given the opportunity to head up this project at the beginning of our Internship, and since then we’ve definitely gotten a broad scope of exposure. This includes everything from meeting with top executives for approval of themes and outlines, to photographing events like a retirement party and agency softball games.

The fact that we’re only here for eight weeks of the year makes it hard to develop such a project, but the Yearbook allows us to communicate with people from every different department—people that we might not have talked to otherwise. Next week in fact, I meet with employees to take their individual photos. This kind of work allows me to observe people in various departments and gain a better understanding of the agency as a whole.

The final step before leaving as interns is to find fall-time employees that want to step in and finish the book. The interns will actually be making a formal presentation to an art director, graphic designer, copywriter, and other execs with the work we’ve accomplished. With this presentation we hope to give them an idea of where we were headed, in addition to providing them with everything they need for completion.

The best part about this project is that this is the first “real” yearbook the agency has had. Now each intern class can be part of what we proudly started. I can’t wait to get my copy!

Jennifer M.

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