Wednesday, August 03, 2005


On Tuesday, I got to spend some time preparing for an all-agency quarterly meeting, and even had the chance to sit and talk with our CEO.
As the program begins to wind down, I also find myself spending most of my time on internal/administrative tasks to wrap-up various projects.

This is what I did on Tuesday July 26:
Arrived and got organized (check email; enter Monday’s timesheet).
I was able to meet with the CEO for approval of 2005 yearbook project ideas.
I wrote Thank You notes to a Client (tour) and an Executive (lunch).
Maintenance arrived; I showed them the space where the Intern Class is designing a Program Display. We discussed the design; they marked the wall studs for us.
I met with a VP to take his order for the Intern “Take an Executive to Lunch” program (once a week).
Internal time (a mix of various small projects and general office time).
Lunch with fellow interns: Halle Building /Food Court
PowerPoint presentation design: “Intern Top 10: What we Learned at L-S”
(for Wednesday’s quarterly agency meeting)
Then I set-up for the big meeting on Wednesday and finalized a PowerPoint presentation.
Gone for the day!

Jennifer M.

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