Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Favorite Project

With a week or so remaining, I have been able to touch many different client projects and have had my fair share of concepting ideas for different campaigns. They are all great to be working on, but I would have to say that right now my favorite project is the Liggett-Stashower 2006 Summer Internship Poster.
The poster involved countless hours of brainstorming, combining ideas and trying to think outside of the box. The purpose of the poster is to attract interested students and have them go to the website for more information. Throughout the entire process, the specifics of the poster were changing constantly. We were able to keep up with the changes and come up with a solid concept. I am currently working on the final design layout.
The best part about the poster is that we came up with the idea as a group and it will be sent to a number of colleges so numerous students will be able to see our work. They may not be able to appreciate how much work was put into the poster, but we feel a great sense of accomplishment coming from the final output.

Lisa L.

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