Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What I've learned

Looking back on the first three years of college and what I’ve learned through classes, extracurricular activities and other internships, I would recommend anyone looking for an agency internship to keep a few things in mind:

· Even if you think you know exactly what you want to do, do not limit the classes you take and the activities you are involved in. It’s amazing to me some of the connections you make while looking for internships.
· Chances are if you want to work in this field, it is not uncommon to have to take an unpaid internship. Accept it and know that even if it is unpaid, it can be a very valuable and worthwhile experience.
· If you are a freshman or sophomore, try to intern during the summer. That experience will help when you are looking for one after junior year—a time when everyone wants one.
· If you are looking specifically for public relations, be sure to have a portfolio and samples of your writing. Hold onto things that you write for class, but also join your school newspaper. Having samples of your writing that were published will prove to be invaluable.
· Once you’re there, enjoy your internship. It will be challenging and tiring, but it’s the perfect chance to see if this is the career for you. Get to know the people you work with and let them get to know you.

Lisa S.

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