Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Thank You.

Well, we made it through the summer in one piece. My short stay at Liggett Stashower is coming to a close and I’m not surprised to say that this experience has been one to remember, and I’m also not surprised to say it went way too fast. I’m sure five or ten years from now wherever I end up will be in part because of the short time I got to spend here at Liggett Stashower. I can’t thank everyone here enough for bringing us in and guiding us along the way. I’ve had a chance to truly find out if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and it is. I’ve also had the chance to meet a lot of great people with whom I’m sure I will keep in contact long after I’ve gone.

I guess I will stick to my promise from nearly a month ago by continuing my list, since then I have:

• Designed my very first Prezi to be presented to the agency about the book called Logo Design Love. Feel free to venture into the iconic elements of logo design with me by checking it out here.

• Crawled (figuratively) around Cleveland with a group of pretty rad interns who just happened to all be lovely young ladies, lucky me.

• Doubled my total of Indians games attended this year by bumping the total up to two. In one case we sat in the Social suite, and in both cases we watched the Indians lose.

• Put together nearly 175 client press kits filled with a combined total of around 700 flip flop sandals.

• Carved up the Ham Day ham

• Came out of my Adobe Flash retirement to design a few web banners, and it definitely felt nice to relearn some things.

• Made 21 paper unicorn dolls to be sneakily placed around the office.

• Learned, very poorly, how to throw cards. Just don’t ask.

• Did around 50 takes in order to develop the new intern video clip for Ligget.com where I also got to use Adobe Premiere for the very first time so be on the lookout for that coming soon.

Just like last time the list doesn’t do my time here justice, but it gives you a little snippet of insight. I hope if you’re reading this as an incoming intern my posts have helped fuel your excitement and anticipation for what your about to experience, and if you’re reading this just for the sake of reading it then I hope I wasn’t too boring. I can’t hit you guys with my signature ‘catch you next week’ line this time so I’ll leave you with some ways to follow me on into the future. You’re more than welcome to catch up with me on twitter @DonDraperDunn or check out my blog at donaldjdunn.wordpress.com.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Liggett Stashower and everyone who had an influence on me throughout the summer.

Don D.

Creative Intern

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