Monday, August 07, 2006

Expect the unexpected

Before the start of the summer internship at Liggett Stashower, I had a lot of expectations about what the internship might entail, the employees and the other interns. There have been a lot of things that have surprised me. One pleasant surprise has been the amount of quality work that I’ve been assigned. Hearing about some of my friends’ internship experiences, they always talk about how they spend their afternoons aimlessly playing on the computer or getting extremely excited to see a new E-mail in their inbox. At Liggett, they really put their interns to use. I have learned to multi-task and get organized because sometimes many tasks are given to me at once. The hours in the day really fly by, and I feel like my work is appreciated by the agency.

On another note, I have gained an arch nemesis during my time here; it is something that I never expected. We never seem to get along when I ask it to do things, and it always has a problem with everything I do. When I need it to perform a simple task it has to be difficult - we are officially not friends anymore. So, I am thoroughly surprised that the seemingly simple copy machine is not so simple.

~ Lauren S.

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