Monday, August 07, 2006

They mean it when they say creative agency

With Liggett being an ad agency, I expected the office to have a creative flavor, but did not know to what degree. Being at Liggett for nearly a month now, the office “decorations" and atmosphere continue to release a surprising amount of creativity. Both the interns and employees have grown accustomed to the new wall colors throughout the office. The wall behind me has taken on a green shade while the wall to my front has been transformed to teal. Our intern meeting room has gone from having a white ring around it to a shade of blue, and the nearby wall with Liggett ads has also gone from an off-white to a chocolate brown. In addition, I had never before seen an employee lounge with a pool table, nerf guns, and a karaoke microphone. As if bright-colored walls and the employee lounge haven’t hinted enough at the creative environment here at Liggett, themed rooms such as the Sushi and Zen rooms also provide outlets for creative thought.

~ Ben F.

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