Monday, August 07, 2006

Surprise surprise!

So maybe the name Kenny Crumpton doesn’t mean much to you, but as a personal fan of this fun-loving news reporter since my days in high school, I was shocked when I recently got the chance to meet him! As PR interns, Lauren and I have been afforded many opportunities to participate in everything from media training sessions and new business meetings to tagging along with account coordinators to meet with local reporters. Overall, (aside from meeting Kenny and a few other local stars) I never expected to be a part of so many important agency functions.

I mean call me sentimental, but these unexpected opportunities have really put my Liggett internship experience in perspective and helped me realize the value of my long hours and hard work. Most importantly, I’ve gained boasting rights among my group of friends, who unfortunately call it a “good day” at their internships when they’re asked to make a power point slide.

~ Brittany Y.

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