Friday, July 21, 2006

From Career Fair to Creative Services

I first heard about Liggett Stashower during a career fair at my school and I, needless to say, was intrigued by the 20-minute wait to talk to someone. I’d had no previous experience in advertising so I was excited to hear about the industry from an insider's perspective. So far, working on the creative side of the agency has been a lot of fun (and work). Everyone’s offices are all reflective of their personalities, covered in posters and toys (which are used on a daily basis). I never thought I’d be working on actual material, too. I’ve been working on several different projects including some copywriting for clients and sitting in on brainstorming sessions. On my third day I even participated in pitching new company names for a client. In addition, my mentor keeps me busy with "secret projects" as he calls them, and one of the first of those required some craftiness with X-Acto knives. I haven’t had any studio experience yet and it showed (ouch). I hope to learn more in that area as well as all of the other divisions of LS.

~ Samantha A.

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brandon LaGanke said...

Did it involve Duct tape? If so, me so sorry.