Friday, July 21, 2006

Nothing Average Here!

My first two weeks at LS have gone by quickly! I've been keeping busy since day one and between client work and intern projects there hasn't been much down time. One of the big projects I've worked on was a logo for one of our client's annual sales meeting. Working closely with my mentor, we came up with many variations and narrowed it down to a few good ones to send to the client. Their first impressions of it were good, and now we're waiting for a final decision. I’ve also been given many little quick jobs such as mounting and designing divider pages for binders.

Last week we were given details about all of our intern projects and have already started to come up with ideas as a group. Our first "take an executive to lunch" was today. We decided to make personal business cards to give to each executive, and last week, I designed them and put them together in a small enclosure. They took some time to assemble as they are not your average business card.

~ Matt S.

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