Friday, July 29, 2005

Q: What is an average day at Liggett-Stashower for you?

Q: What is an average day at Liggett-Stashower for you?

A: An average day at Liggett-Stashower is surprisingly difficult to describe. Every day seems to be different from the next and tends to be continuously exciting. Each morning, I wake up looking forward to what the day might bring. Within my time here I have unexpectedly gained more knowledge and experience than I ever imagined.

A typical day consists of various tasks and accomplishments. Typically, I work along side my peers, on day-to-day intern projects. We have already created a poster, CD, rock band t-shirt, updated the Liggett-Stashower website…etc. Each week we take an executive to lunch and have had numerous field trips to various venues. Currently, we are in the process of creating an agency yearbook. Beyond our L-S internship requirements, I have had the opportunity to get involved in real-world client work. I have been responsible for creating excel charts for presentations, proofing final ads and writing creative supplements

On top of all the work, we have fun. Honestly, where can you get that experience? Every day is a different day, giving me something to look forward to. (giving YOU something to strive for and look forward to in your own experiences)

Stephe H.

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