Friday, July 29, 2005

Typical day at the internship

Wow, how can I describe what a typical day as a creative intern here at Liggett Stashower consists of? For starters, I would not describe any of my days as “typical”, each day involves something completely different. As a creative intern for the agency, my responsibilities encompass helping out the creative department with any client projects, creating designs for specific intern projects and concepting new ideas for future assignments. Some of the work that the other creative intern and I have done thus far include, creating an intern class t-shirt, designing a CD (cover, inside booklet, back and CD label), creating an invitation for the executive lunch program, helping to produce the summer edition of the internal newsletter Verge, designing an employee yearbook, producing the internship poster for next year, cutting, mounting and pasting presentation materials, and other help on various projects for clients. What I love most about this internship is that not one day has been the same. There are always new projects and assignments and all the employees here are very approachable and super friendly. The atmosphere is a great mix of fun and professional. When the other interns and I are trying to concept an idea for a project, you can often find us in the Zen room brainstorming. We have weekly meetings as an intern class to catch up on what everyone has been doing and to hear about what projects everyone has been working on. We also have several day trips planned. We toured a local TV station and were introduced to their facilities and daily operations, we are going to the printer this week to get a first hand look at the production of various print materials, in addition we visited Playhouse Square and toured the soon to be open Idea Center. Another perk of the program is the executive lunches. We have a lunch meeting with a top executive at Liggett Stashower each week in which we are able to ask questions to find out how they have gotten to where they are today. In the past five weeks, I have had the opportunity to get to know the other seven interns on a more personal level. We have become good friends and chat each day at lunch about what we are working on. So far, my summer has flown by and I have learned quite a bit about the advertising business. I have been able to work on many different projects and I am excited for the upcoming assignments. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in the advertising business or who is creative and enjoys design. The experience is irreplaceable!

Lynn J.

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