Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Local Celebrities

The interns and myself found ourselves face to face with some local celebrities this past week. We took a field trip to a local radio station and had lunch with the sport’s talk DJ. Upon arriving at the radio station we found out we were going to be meeting a former Brown’s player too! We sat in on some of the broadcast and listened to these guys talk sports. They were both very friendly and down to earth.
We also got a run down on how things work behind the scenes during a radio broadcast. The DJ had to do some live advertising while on the air, too. That was exciting because during our internship at Liggett we have learned a little something about that!

The other local celebrities we came into contact with this week were each other. Our Liggett intern blog (the very blog you are reading right now) was mentioned in an article in The New York Times! We are very excited that people are interested in what we are doing during our internship at Liggett.

These run-ins with local celebrities got me thinking, though. We see athletes and celebrities being paid millions and millions to do endorsements for different companies. Yet, more than not these days, celebrities and athletes are getting some publicity for being the opposite of upstanding citizens. Why are these celebrities getting paid millions to promote products and then use those millions to get themselves out of prison for DUI charges and charges of drug possession? We all obviously know the answer… those are the people who make the product sell. Yet, I think that we as a society should start looking at the local celebrities as the ones we should be focusing on. Why not feature a college student with a great internship in a “Got Milk?” ad? Why not feature the football player who may not be making millions, but is a really nice guy in a Coca-Cola ad?

Until then, I suppose it isn’t such a bad thing to be so normal. As Brad Paisley says: “Cause when you’re a celebrity, it’s adios reality.”

Kelly M.
Finance Intern

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