Friday, August 10, 2007

My Internship In A Nutshell

I don’t think I could fit my internship experience into a nutshell. There have been too many different opportunities, experiences, and tasks to fit into such a tiny space.

Since June 10th I have:

*Learned the accounting software… somewhat.
*Side swiped a pole with my car in the parking garage. (I don’t park there anymore.)
*Designed a t-shirt.
*Made a movie.
*Answered the phone, “Good Afternoon, Liggett Stashower” over the paging system.
*Sat on a beam over the city to take pictures… kind of.
*Reserved a conference room for 4am.
*Became some people’s favorite person of the day when I got to pass out checks.
*Went to a local news station, printing press, radio station, and publishing company.
*Became familiar with the infamous Euclid construction.
*Got jolted around in the Halle Building elevators.
*Went to lunch with some very knowledgeable and friendly executives.
*Was able to experience all the different aspects of the agency, not just financial.
*Learned about professional organizations and their importance.
*Not eaten the Chinese food in the building’s “cafeteria”.
*Become very comfortable talking to upper management and asking questions.
*Made some great new friends.

So, as you see, I would have to find a pretty large nutshell to fit all of that. I am sure there are tons of things that I have forgotten, too. Yet, I will never forget the people at Liggett who have helped me through this experience and the fun that I have had this summer.

Kelly M.
Finance Intern


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