Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Although I am still a firm believer in the ethics of journalism and public relations, I cannot help but recognize the power technology has placed within the hands of advertisers and the media.

Here’s a great example: How have Hollywood singers and actors become so flawless? When you pick up the latest issue of Cosmopolitan or InStyle, you immediately notice the perfection that graces over the cover. Not one blemish is in sight, not one piece of hair is out of place and the cover girls’ skin tone is radiantly glowing.

Now being an “average” American woman, I stand in the grocery check out line and silently curse these singers and actors for being “so perfect.” I mean come on, can people really look THAT AMAZING?!?!

The answer to my question doesn’t lie within hours upon hours of workouts or natural herbal exfoliation treatments. In fact it can be found in the 20” box that is sitting in front of your face at this very moment. The computer has forever changed the production of magazines, advertisements and print materials. Programs like Photoshop create perfection, making obtainable to the naked eye.

Now I am not challenging the ethics of this topic, however I cannot help but be absolutely amazed at how much one is able to change, simply by uploading a picture onto the computer. I am practically speechless! I am fascinated by how much one can change and modify through the computer.

Here are examples from Dove and Jezebel. Please leave some comments about these two pieces!

Crista S.
Program Management Intern

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