Monday, August 10, 2009

The Final Salute

It’s like this. One Monday morning you are in an elevator nervously awaiting your first day on the job, and nine weeks later its Monday morning and you are coming to grips with the fact that the summer is over. At least, I am.

It was a whirlwind of experiences. I have some strong portfolio pieces to take with me, great networking connections for the future and fond memories to look back on.

My biggest piece of advice to bestow upon future interns would be, do not be afraid to ask. Ask questions . . . but more importantly; ask to assist employees with projects and work. Doing so will demonstrate a proactive approach on your part and it will allow you more pieces to use in your portfolio. It is important to make yourself useful while here at LS.

My other piece of advice is to accept that this is a learning experience. Just because you have come straight from the classroom, does not mean you are fully equipped with every skill needed to be the SUPER intern. Every agency is different. They have a different voice, a different culture and a different philosophy. Listen and learn all you can about each place that you work because that is the best way to contribute in a way that is consistent with the way they do things. Even if you learned writing one way at school, you may find that LS (or anywhere you work for that matter) does it differently. Be able to adjust. Do not get stuck in your ways. Make flexibility your best friend.

Tomorrow is Ham Day, which is a day where our Director of Brand Voice brings in a giant ham, and the interns give our book reports. My book is called “How We Decide”. Though it looks fun because of the three ice cream cones on the cover, it is actually about neuroscience. However, I have found it interesting. I look forward to talking about it in front on the agency tomorrow . . . I think.
Hmmm… I can’t think of any other words of wisdom to impart. So I guess I will bid you all adieu. It has been a pleasure working here for the past nine weeks, being able to feel apart of such a creative industry at an agency that reflects that industry.
Morgan P.
Brand Management Intern

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