Thursday, August 13, 2009

That's a Wrap

As Rachel mentioned, yesterday was Ham Day/intern book reports. I was even given the opportunity to design the internal poster for this day.

Logo Design Volume 2 was the book assigned to me and it was right up my alley. More than half of the book is occupied with around 2000 logos and the remainder contains about a dozen case studies on brand identity.

As an avid skier, I found the Making of Burton Outerwear Fall//Winter 2007 case study the most interesting. This case study touched upon the unique approach the design firm took to finish this complex yet enjoyable project. Their main focus through the process was to create a cohesive idea and look, which is what Liggett does for clients. I also noticed some similarities between things I’ve learned during this internship – do your research, strive to be organized, ask questions, take chances and have fun. Those ideas will result in a project you can take pride in.

As this week comes to an end, I eagerly await the start of the fall semester back at Kent State. I feel prepared and inspired to do my best and continue to improve my design skills. Many people here at Liggett have taken part in my preparation, and I thank them all.

Abie M.
Graphic Design Intern

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