Friday, August 14, 2009

I'll Never Forget...

As the final day of my summer at LS draws near, I’m forced to step back and reflect on what I, along with my fellow interns, have been able to accomplish in two short months at the agency. Between the meetings, the projects, the field trips and the various agency events, it’s safe to say that I will truly miss being a part of this office. As a testament to the contributions of the intern class of 2009, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments as a member of Liggett Stashower:

*Talking sports with Mark “Munch” Bishop at the ESPN 850 WKNR studio, where Munch and I spoke of our support for Browns all-purpose weapon Josh Cribbs receiving a new contract.

*Sampling the Little Debbie muffins Evan won for the agency thanks to an entry he submitted. For the record, I prefer blueberry.

*Receiving my first LS paycheck, if for no other reason than it allowed me to continue to support a handful of nearby parking facilities.

*Catching a glimpse of renowned Plain Dealer columnist Connie Schultz during our tour of the newspaper’s headquarters. I couldn’t wait to brag to my mom about it.

*Witnessing Liggett’s own Jimmy K. make a 30-foot putt at the AAF-Cleveland golf outing. It was truly awe-inspiring.

*Carrying on a 27-minute phone conversation with a user of one of our client’s brands for the sake of receiving his testimonial. At one point during the call, I couldn’t help but wonder about the size of the agency’s long-distance plan.

*Making my film debut along with the rest of the interns on the spiral staircase leading up to the third floor. All I can say is, acting isn’t easy, even if you don’t have any lines.

*Hosting a few rounds of Family Feud during our intern Fun Day. I can only hope I made Richard Dawson proud.

*Helping to detail a vendor’s truck at the Duct Tape festival. I like to believe my efforts helped sell a few extra units that day.

*Finding out I have an “it depends” personality during our DISC personality profile overview. Some days I agree with the results, other days I don’t. It depends on my mood I guess.

*Experiencing Ham Day in all of its glory. If it falls on a similar date next year, the forgotten month of August may finally have its own national holiday.

Patrick Bensi
Creative Intern

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