Monday, August 02, 2010

Check Out Our "Tweet" Shirts!

Every year, Liggett Stashower asks the summer intern class to design a T-shirt that commemorates their time at the agency. While LS lists this fun assignment in the job description, here's what isn't mentioned that every incoming intern should know:

-Make this assignment your own. The concept behind the T-shirt is supposed to represent your class as a whole. What sets your group of interns apart from the rest? What does your group have in common? What differences do you have? You ultimately have to "brand" your group of interns.

-Treat your internship advisors as if they were real clients. This assignment is designed to be like "the real deal." Appropriate paperwork, allocated hours, and professional pitching accompany the excitement of this project every step of the way.

-Put your creativity on full throttle. Be prepared to meet with your group of interns multiple times and come up with at least two to three strong concepts to present to your internship advisors. This is the rule of thumb when pitching ideas to clients.

-Don't be afraid to reach out for help. The T-shirt project gives interns as much independence as possible to create the concept, design and copy. However, it is always beneficial to ask others questions if your group is stuck. There are many past interns that work at LS, and they are always willing to provide guidance to the group.

This year, our group of interns brainstormed one idea in particular that took flight. Today, many professionals think in 140 characters or less because Twitter has heavily impacted the PR and advertising industries. Each intern uses Twitter as a personal and professional networking tool, and our class is also the first LS group to visit the Tribe Social Deck (where we posted tweets about a Cleveland Indians' game). Our goal was to come up with a clever phrase and design that described our appreciation for LS.

I'd like to credit Ben for his creative copy (@buildingbrands is Liggett's Twitter handle) and Sasha for the perfect design. I'd also like to thank Stephanie for giving us the opportunity to silk-screen our very own T-shirts and giving us guidance throughout the process. This assignment has been a lot fun and has taught me so much about creating a project for a client.

Rachelle Patsey
Brand Management Intern

Here's what we came up with!

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