Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stop this train.

It’s hard to believe I only have eight days left of this internship. Looking at the calendar and realizing this, I went into a bit of a shock. There is so much I’ve done so far but what else do I want to do before I leave?

Today, all of the interns wrapped up their market research for the paper client we have been working on over the last few days. We are all diving deep into new projects that sadly, we know we won’t be here to see through to final production.

Right now, we are taking flight with the case study video for Liggett’s website. I will be developing the script for the 3-5 minute video for the rest of this week. I never thought I would mark up ‘developing a script’ on my resume during any internship.

I am also working on some stuff for Liggett’s POV, which is their internal newsletter that covers everything from what’s going on in the agency, to hot trends that are happening in the world outside of Cleveland.

Definitely keeping busy in my final week and a half. But no worries, I will be sure to savor the time I have left here, scheduling lunches over the last days to really pick the brains of some of the great employees I’ve been working with this summer.

P.S. We have had a few photo shoots trying to get the perfect shot of this year’s intern class. To see the one that’ll be hung on the wall, you’ll have to come into the LS Brand Building yourself. But here’s just a taste of how much fun we are having.

Ben L.
Creative Intern

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