Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Liggett and Love

Somehow we’ve made it to week number ten. All that is left is to tie up loose ends and wrap up some last bits of projects. Unfortunately, some projects have to be left just in the beginning stages, and others are getting their final touches as we’re stepping out the doors one last time. I can’t believe I won’t be back here next week listening to the hoopla of music blaring from Wes’ computer or wondering if we’ll have Hazelnut coffee that morning. I look at my cubicle and the walls have become a shrine of what I have accomplished. Next to a drawing of a ham sandwich I have information about press kits, then piled on top of that are endless job numbers. I’ve collected about six doodles via Ben and somehow I’ve ended up with multiple stacks of papers and project briefs. My accomplishments this summer seem endless.

I’ve been able to add many pieces to my portfolio that will be extremely beneficial. This opportunity has broadened my view not only on design but the whole idea of being a “creative” in the real world. I now know that I’m not crazy when I can’t stop thinking about projects and now realize that the rest of my life will be this way. It’s really amazing that something that comes so easily (most of the time) will be something I can do and become successful in. It almost feels more like play than work and being in this community is refreshing when I consider what else I could be doing for “work.”

While deadlines and due dates bear down on the creative soul, being able to work in a way that is so freeing is really amazing. This internship has really made me feel like I’m going somewhere. Where I’ll end up, I’m not sure, but with Liggett behind me, I know it will be something worthwhile. I’ll suggest to any readers and students of all sorts to find an internship and if you don’t love it, you’re not in the right place. Find something you love and find somewhere like Liggett and use that as a stepping-stone for your career. While most people consider internships a name on a resume, I consider Liggett part of my career and I can’t thank them enough for teaching and shaping part of my future as a designer.

Sasha Thueringer
Creative Intern

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