Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is it

Today is my last day here. I finished up my projects. I took all the pictures down in my cubicle. I recycled all my papers. Now, all I can do is pout.

Being an intern at Liggett Stashower has been such an incredible experience. When I was applying for the position, I discovered that an old friend from high school had just interned with Liggett over the summer. He filled me in on his own experiences, the outstanding program, and the friendly people. I found it hard to believe one internship could be that great – or live up to those expectations. It did.

I’ve written newsletter articles, press releases, and media pitches. I’ve assembled press kits, attended client meetings, and worked on major projects. I’ve toured media outlets all over this city and visited the offices of other local advertising agencies. How can I begin to express how priceless this has all been?

At lunch today, the interns dined with Liggett’s CEO. For an hour and a half we had him all to ourselves to ask questions and be given advice for the future. We heard his opinions on what to do and what not to do during an interview, how to impress an employer with our portfolios, and to stay positive while we hunt for jobs in this tough economy.

I've learned so much throughout this internship, even up until this last day. I will forever be grateful to Liggett for taking a chance on me and helping our class of interns to grow as young professionals.

Katie F.

Brand Management Intern

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Evan E. Roberts said...


I'm so glad you got this internship, it's an amazing opportunity!

Hopefully you gleaned as much from it as I did, and I bet Mark N. gave excellent advice.

Way to finish out strong!