Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bueno Adiós, Liggett Stashower

Like my time at college, my internship is coming to an end. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s hard to believe my eight weeks in program management is almost complete. My days weren’t filled with just research, media lists and press releases; I was able to interact and learn from some of the best public relations and advertising professionals I know. Not many of my peers can say that.

From the mentoring program to field trips, LS’s internship program is not a daily grind as is the typical stereotype for most internship sites. Being included on meetings, conference calls and the opportunity to contribute ideas and resources is all in a day’s work at LS.

I’d be the first to admit, I am not good at saying bye. It seemed just like yesterday when I was told making sand castles at the beach was no longer age appropriate for a 17-year-old. But, all joking aside, saying goodbye to one specific co-worker will be especially difficult. Out of fear of embarrassment, I will not name drop. Though not one to admit, I have crafted my public relations work ethic off this talented individual. My cube neighbor’s determination and insight made my time at LS especially memorable.

Throughout my days, I would often badger my neighbor to see if any help was needed, which was always greeted with excitement and spreadsheets. I have the highest aspirations for this young professional and I hope our paths cross in the future.

I would be remised if I did not thank my mentor. My mentor’s wisdom, attentiveness and genuine kindness are highly admirable character traits. I consider myself fortunate to be under my mentor’s tutelage for two months. I learned a lot.

I am no fortuneteller; I cannot look into the future. But I can say one thing; my experience at LS has prepared me for future professional endeavors.

To my fellow interns: Happy trails until we meet again. I wish everyone nothing but the best… I sincerely mean it.

As my favorite author F. Scott Fitzgerald eloquently put it, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Farewell and Bon Voyage Liggett Stashower.

Marc F.

Program Management Intern
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