Thursday, August 07, 2008

This Is It...

After eight weeks of exposure to agency life, it is time to say good-bye. Summers always fly by, and this summer is no different. What is different though is my firsthand experiences at a talented agency, the new faces I’ve met and the eight strangers I now consider friends.

This entire summer has been a challenge, and I have learned so much. Learning in a college setting is important, but being able to apply what I have learned in college courses to this job is invaluable. There are lessons I’ve learned here this summer that a book or a lecture simply cannot teach. This internship truly gave me a taste of the real world. From the mentoring program to field trips to radio and television stations, this LS internship program has taught me and the other interns immensely.

One major lesson I’ll be taking with me from this internship is that learning never stops. No matter when you graduate or when a project is completed, learning is in constant motion. People learn everyday and it helps them grow. You can never learn too much – especially in this business.

Thanks to everyone at LS for making this summer a blast and a great learning experience!

Kristen N.

Program Management Intern

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