Tuesday, August 05, 2008

One more week

One week left, yet so much to do. On Tuesday we have lunch with Sara Stashower, on Thursday Mark Nylander, and on Friday David Moore.
For Wednesday, Steve set up a field trip for me to go to the law firm and accounting firm and shadow them for a day. I am really looking forward to it.

Ham Day was today. I tend to crash and burn when it comes to public speaking but I got a lot out of the other speeches. There were quite a few people in attendance and the food was awesome.

I have learned a lot this summer and I feel so much more prepared to venture into the real world next summer. I’ve learned more about myself and about the business world as well. I’ve always been interested in accounting but not so interesting in a dry, boring accounting firm. After working at Liggett this summer I now know that I can do something I love in a more vibrant environment. The agency atmosphere here is ideal for a more creative finance person like myself. This experience has helped me discover that working in the accounting field doesn’t have to be a tedious, monotonous career. It can be an adventurous, exciting career.
This internship was well organized and jam-packed with all sorts of experiences. When I am out with my friends I now notice all kinds of advertisements. Yesterday, my friend and I were downtown for dinner. I made her check out the Halle Building and I showed her where we eat lunch. I love the city of Cleveland, the agency feel, and the people at Liggett. I couldn’t imagine a better way to have spent my summer.
Angela B
Finance Intern

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