Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Expect Great Things

Now, more than ever, it is easy to stay in touch. How many social networks are out there that enable you to reach out to coworkers, friends, and family – even after moving away or taking a different career path? I bring this up because just yesterday, Sara Stashower was nice enough to have lunch with us lowly interns and share a little bit about her career path and advice she’s learned along the way. What was inspiring were the number of current Liggett employees whom she invited to stop by and say a few words. These were an example to all of us about the power of networking and the simple things that matter so much in the business world. Thank you notes, follow up emails, introductions, etc.

Marc’s link to his Linked In page and Ashley’s link to the article on Crain's about our social media session just go to show that these new networks can utilized for more than just to enhance friendships, more than just to sell a product or launch a campaign, and more than just to cultivate a business relationship. Times are a-changin, so it’s on each of us to take advantage of the opportunities we’ve had here at Liggett. People say some interesting things about our generation. Supposedly we’re the ones to expect a handout. We’re the ones who want our jobs to cater to us. We’re the ones to graduate from college and expect to become a CEO in just a few years. My impression is that our intern class must be a bit abnormal if those are the stereotypes we’re expected to fill.

You can expect us to cultivate the relationships we’ve formed with our mentors, the internship coordinators, and the coworkers that we met this summer. You can expect us to use this internship as a tool to help direct our career path – whether it helped convince us to embark down the advertising route or inspired us to try something new. You can expect us to take the feedback we’ve received and use it to develop our personal and communication skills. You should expect us to do all this, because if we do not, we would pass up an opportunity that lasts longer than a summer internship.

This summer was awesome. Thanks for the great times, great advice, and great experience.

>> Ben M.
Interactive Intern

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