Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here we go....

Well I’m through my first day, and I can say it was a success because I was invited back to work on Tuesday. After about 8 hours on the second floor of the Halle Building, I can finally find my way to the bathroom and back without having to ask for directions.

I must admit I had no idea what to expect while I wandered around downtown at 7:30 in the morning since I arrived a little too early. However, I was relieved after meeting my fellow interns, and even more relieved when I began meeting the people here. Everyone I met was so nice and welcoming, which made it so easy to transition into the work environment. It’s always a nervous experience when entering into a new job because you don’t know what to expect, or more importantly, what’s expected of you. This nervousness disappeared throughout the day as I met more people and become more comfortable with my surroundings.

After a great lunch at the Lizard, I got straight to work. I was very pleased to find out my mentor played as much golf as I do, and this common thread made it easy to talk with him. My first job of the summer was to bind a marketing plan using a machine that seemed to be here since the 1970’s. Despite the age of the machine, I was able to complete the small task and still have time to spare to hear Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open … again.

I enjoyed my first day, and I think this is going to be a challenging but equally fun experience for myself and the other interns as well. I'm looking forward to the upcoming 8 weeks.

Scott A.

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