Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hobbies Come in Handy

Week numero dos at Liggett Stashower has been exciting so far! I am literally astounded how much client work I’ve actually been able to contribute too and hope it continues for the rest of the summer. I have yet to be asked to go get coffee or to make some copies and have gotten to work on some great projects. To recap my week briefly….

Monday was my first Client Review from the Agency side. I have sat in on client reviews, but I had only ever been on the client side and this was a whole new experience. The review went great! The client loved it and we headed back to the office to make some changes, but not before stopping at Red Robin for a Guacamole Burger. Yes, it was phenomenal.

Last week I had the opportunity to tag along for a video shoot for a client and this week I was actually involved in the editing process a great deal. We headed back over to meet with the client for a reshoot of a couple lines (I got to use the fancy camera, lapel mic, light boxes, etc.) before I dumped it into FinalCut and spent the rest of the day fixing it up.

The funny thing is, I never imagined I’d be working with video as part of my career or internship – or anything like Flash or Photoshop. I always imagined myself more on the project management side, those programs were just hobbies. Guess I was in the right place at the right time for the video project. It goes to show you that your experiences outside of the classroom can come in handy: your hobbies, your involvement on campus, etc.

I’d love to write more, but downtime is at a minimum – they’re keeping most of us plenty busy. Oh, and tomorrow we tour the Plain Dealer headquarters and sit in on an editorial meeting. Should be a swell time!

Ben M

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