Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our First Field Trip!

I am pleasantly surprised to find the Liggett Stashower internship program to be unique from most other intern programs. Liggett Stashower believes it is very important to expose us to various companies in order to experience what different environments are like. To achieve this, they take us on several field trips around the Cleveland area. Yesterday, we went on our first field trip to the Plain Dealer.   

As the afternoon rolled around, we were all very excited about going on our trip. With our luck it started to rain just as we were leaving to walk over to the building.  Some of us were prepared with umbrellas but others were not as lucky and got quite wet. When we got to the Plain Dealer we met Ted who is the reader representative for the paper. Ted gave us a tour of the building explaining the basics of the company and how things are operated.   

He took us into a large room filled with people working at their cubicles. This room was called the newsroom and is where the editors and writers work. We continued our tour by sitting in on an editorial meeting where several editors joined to discuss the news that would be presented in the paper. It was neat to be behind the scenes and see how articles are created.  

The day went fast and before I knew it our field trip was over. I enjoyed myself very much but was anxious to get back to the office and continue working on my projects. The trip added a new excitement to our day and I am looking forward to the next one we take together!

Katie W.

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