Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Two workdays down, thirty-seven left to look forward to. I already love this place. The Listerine in the bathroom was pretty exciting and the LS block of post-it notes is definitely going home with me on August 8th. After the first day, I bragged to my friends about the pool table, the Zen Room, and the location. Progressive field and Panini’s are just down the street. I also called my mother, gloating about how excited I am to be working at such an interesting agency with seven other college students.

We’ve gotten all of our training done now. Soon I can start entering real job codes into my timesheet as opposed to the 7.5 hours of “intrain” I've been acquiring daily. I’ve gotten familiar with Lotus Notes, the intranet, and the fancy phones. Every minute has offered something new, from corporate genie games to alphabetizing hundreds of papers. I got to update the monthly reports and use the financial software. I look forward to driving downtown and dodging the maze of poles in the parking garage to be here.

I work in the finance department. My mentor just had a baby and I have yet to meet her. However, Monica and Steve have kept me quite busy. I’ve learned so much already and I can’t wait to learn even more. I enjoy finance at Liggett because I can play with numbers all day, but there's a wildly creative side just down the hall. I actually have an “arts and craft box” at my apartment. My friends and I make t-shirts and picture frames for every occasion. So I do get a little jealous of the creative interns. They always seem to be doing something adventurous.

The general vibe in the office at Liggett is youthful, fresh, and involved. The employees are happy to be here. It’s a very welcoming environment. The other interns are awesome. We had our first intern meeting today and we pretty much figured out what we will be doing for our t-shirts and “fun-day Fridays.” However, that information is very confidential. I’m eager to spend my summer here.

Angela B.

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