Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Involved

One of the most important things I’m beginning to learn here is the importance of the process of how things work. This is really my first job in an office setting, and I was pretty clueless on how things actually work around here. I understood there were multiple departments working together to accomplish the same goals, but how this was all done efficiently was something I was having trouble understanding.

That’s when I was able to get involved with a few different projects. I was brought in the circle of one project just to see how things were decided upon, and how these decisions were relayed to everyone working on the project. If changes needed to be made, I was there watching how these changes came about. It was really interesting to see how a project could go from its beginning stages to its final component. The best part was shortly after this experience, I was able to participate in a few other projects. The participation was at a beginners’ level, but it was great to actually jump in and get my hands dirty right away instead of just watching other people do it.

This is one aspect that really makes this internship stand out. I’m not just watching other people work, but I’m learning how to do what they are doing, and then attempting to complete projects on my own. I feel this is the best way to go about learning, and I’m excited to see what skills I’ll be able to develop in the next few weeks.

Scott A.

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