Tuesday, July 01, 2008

“Take an Executive to lunch day”

Today we had our first “take an executive to lunch day”. We asked Brian, the Vice President and Management Supervisor, and he accepted our invitation. He had very insightful information to help prepare us for our futures. He told us about his experiences and gave us advice for our journeys toward becoming professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch even though I was soaking wet from walking to Dave’s Cosmic Subs in the pouring rain.

Over the last two weeks, I was in charge of collecting the insurance information for the entire agency. That process has been slightly stressful for everyone. I wrote my first email to the entire agency and submitted my first reminder into the Grapevine. I have mastered scheduling meetings and reserving the Round Room for our intern meetings.

I love this internship because I don’t just copy, scan, and file, I get to see and help take part in the real work here. I get to watch the process of doing payroll, transferring money, and billing clients. I’ve only been here eleven days and I’ve already had the opportunity to dabble in a little bit of everything in the financial department. Tomorrow I’m going to the bank with Jackie. I can’t wait.

Angela B.

Finance Intern

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