Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy holiday(s)

Today we had our second, and final, fun Friday. Since it is July 25, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July. We outfitted the employee lounge with Christmas lights and trees. We brought in Christmas cookies the interns had baked the night before, served Chinese food (apparently that is a somewhat regular Christmas day tradition) and played holiday music. We even did a drawing to give away the presents under the tree. The hot gift this Christmas was the camo-colored do-rag.

But I could only be in a Christmas cheer for a little bit, as I had to skip back in time and attend the Halloween party going on in another conference room simultaneously. There I filled pumpkin buckets with goodies to send out to various publications. Needless to say, the agency was sporting quite the holiday(s) spirit.

There was also a new business pitch today. It was exciting for the interns because we all did some type of work for this project and it was cool to see it finally come to fruition. While we haven’t heard if we got the business, it was still fun to be a part of a project from the very beginning. I think doing pitches for new business can sometimes be the most fun because you really have to think creatively if you are going to beat out all your competitors and wow the potential clients.

With only two weeks to go, I feel like I have learned so many valuable skills while on the job. But I still want to know more. I’m planning on meeting with the two-person department in connection planning to learn more about what they do sometime before I leave. And, I’m sitting in on a presentation to learn how TV commercials are made. Hey, you never know, the girl who started in PR may someday just want to make a commercial. Something I have learned since I started here is that you never know where your career will take you, and you should never plan it all out because you just may be surprised where you end up.

That’s why I’m soaking up as much information as I can from all aspects of the agency business. You never know when knowing where to find the population of Women 24-65 in Buffalo may just save the day (at the very least, some time).

Till next time,

Ashley H.

Program Management Intern

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