Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Weeks to Go

It will be a sad day when this internship ends. We only have two weeks left, but the days are filling up fast. This week we’re doing a photoshoot for our internship poster, taking one of the executives to lunch, and having Ham Day to present the books we’ve been reading. And since next week is our last one, it’s sure to be jam-packed. If all goes well, we can squeeze in another lunch with an executive, a social networking seminar, oh, and finish our internship project.

This is the one thing I like about agency work – the variety. Perhaps its amplified by the fact we’re interns (and I know I know, other interns have written this spiel too) but it’s really great to get pulled into 5 or 6 different projects that you can work on all at the same time. Pitches get people pumped up and the creative juices flowing, and there’s always something else you can do for a client. Today, I’ve run computer reports, worked on two different clients' sites, and worked on our social networking presentation that’s coming up next week. The first one was such a success, so we’re doing it again and this time including more info about advertising opportunities.

Monday’s nearly over and I should probably decide whether or not to play softball tomorrow. Liggett’s team is on the up and up, this week we might actually win the game! (or at least get really really close.)

And while I remember, here’s a photo from our Christmas in July party last Friday – a swell time that got everyone energized a bit before the weekend.


>> Ben M.
Interactive Intern

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