Friday, July 25, 2008

You Learn Something New Everyday

The beauty of my internship experience thus far is the fact that I learn something new everyday. I am a follower of the old saying, “keep your ears open and your mouth closed.” Well, the whole “mouth closed” part is kind of a stretch, as the entire staff loves questions ranging from how to use a new computer program to how their careers got started. Just the other day, I learned some new graphic design techniques. I will be the first to admit that I have the art capabilities of a third grader, but with every skill learned, you increase your marketability a little bit. If you go into any internship, from engineering to public relations, with a thirst for knowledge you will always leave with a pleasant and insightful experience.

I would also like to stress that keeping up on industry literature is crucial to guiding your internship. I read various publications from Brandweek to PR Week to supplement my experience at Liggett Stashower. Keeping up-to-date on the latest trends has helped me prepare and implement new ideas to various internal publicity projects.

I also believe books are a cornerstone to developing new ideas and to learn from industry leaders. One of my favorite books is “Managing Interactive Media Projects” by Tom Frick. This book is really a one-stop shop for operating various interactive media devices such as Flash and how to launch websites, among other topics. It was especially useful to me because I have a desire to learn about new technologies, particularly the ever-changing social media scene. I loved the book so much; I grabbed my mentor a copy.

Well, as the summer is coming to a halt, I just came to a revelation: it’s almost time to go back to college. I better soak up every last bit of information before I say farewell to the program management team at LS.

Marc F.
Program Management Intern

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