Thursday, July 17, 2008

Press releases = 1/100th of my job

Since I have started my internship, most mildly interested family members, peers, and/or friends have asked me, “How is your internship going? What do you do?”

I find this somewhat difficult to answer simply, but then again, I’ve never been the master of conciseness. And besides, if I say I am a public relations intern, people will think, “Oh, she sits around and writes press releases all day long.” Common misconception, my friends. And I’m not one to let people run amok with these silly misconceptions floating around in their heads.

As you will see, I do much, much more. In the past week I have:

1. Sat in on a client meeting and brainstormed names to tag onto special PR events.
2. Researched everything from the faces and stories behind some of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders to what terms like VoIP mean in laymen’s terms. (In case you were wondering it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it is a hardware and software system that allows people to have telephone conversations over the Internet.) Just from this last project alone, I would have to say that my brain is being thoroughly exercised.
3. Looked into where you can buy 100 pumpkin-shaped buckets.
4. Wrote an article for a client that may by published in newsletters distributed around doctor’s offices.
5. Conducted market research by roaming the streets of Cleveland and asking lunch-goers for two minutes of their time. I now realize what it’s like to be a salesperson; I wasn’t even selling anything, but when people see strangers with clipboards they sure do whatever they can to steer clear.

And today, the intern class went on a field trip to a local sports radio station and sat in on an afternoon talk show. How cool is that? Not only do I get to experience life at an ad agency, but I get to see how advertising works in the different media outlets around town as well.

But I gotta run, I have 13 emails in my inbox and a message on my phone. Work calls.

Ashley H.
Program Management Intern

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