Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Twist

Today we went on a field trip to WKYC, Channel 3 (Cleveland’s NBC affiliate). It was by far the most interesting field trip we’ve been on this summer. The studio was awesome. We sat in on the show Good Company Today. There are four hosts, Michael, Fred, Eileen and Andrea. There were quite a few guests as well. Bruce Drennan, a Cleveland sports show host, was on the show discussing the future of the Indians and the Browns. Chubby Checker, famous for the song The Twist, was on the show and actually performed live. Chubby Checker was decked out in his jean attire and look surprisingly young for his age, 66. They actually did the Twist and everything right before our eyes.

Picture: Chubby Checker performing with the cast and their interns.

Just watching this whole thing take place was astonishing. The movement of the huge cameras and the complexity of the sets were thrilling to see in action. Seeing what goes into producing a simple television show was the highlight of my week. We also met with Joe in the graphics department and he showed us how they create the 3D intros for the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns games. The time and effort that goes into producing such a short clip is intense. I will definitely watch those intros with more appreciation.

We also met the man famous for recording the lines, “Welcome”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “File Done”, and “Goodbye”, by far the coolest thing that has happened to me all summer. I can’t wait to tell everyone that I met him! All in all, it was an action packed day at the Channel 3 News Studio!

Angela B
Finance Intern

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