Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Finding it easy to stay occupied

We are nearly three weeks into our Liggett internship, and it has gone by faster than Usain Bolt during a 100 meter dash.

Yesterday we got a solid hour of nonstop advice about our careers from Teri, Liggett's HR consultant. One of the huge benefits of being a Liggett intern is that we get to utilize all the resources that are available to the regular staff. Basically, she wants to make sure people are happy with their job, and not dreading going to work daily. Luckily, I think she has it pretty easy here at Liggett because I have yet to see anyone dread coming into the office. She also gives guidance to the CEO on company directions for the future. Speaking with her was not only intriguing, but also very encouraging because she has enough optimism to make all those half empty glasses out there completely full. She is definitely a resource I will try to get as much out of as possible while here at Liggett.

Another thing I have quickly come to realize is that advertising is not some goofy little sign that you put up on your lemonade stand on the corner of an intersection, but is very serious stuff. This past week I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting discussing a client that was “top secret.” I could not discuss it with other employees, my friends, or even my parents. At first glance, this might seem somewhat strange, because what does it matter if I mention to my parents what I did at work today, but after sitting through the meeting, I knew it definitely mattered. This client developed a piece of technology that could revolutionize its industry, and the last thing it needs is for someone to leak what it is before it has the chance to hit the shelves. After all, the hardest part of a revolutionary idea is coming up with one, so if another company has the idea fall in their lap, it wouldn’t take a whole lot to make their own version. That’s just one way that advertising is always on the cutting edge of any industry that it participates in.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this “top secret” client project for me is the need to come up with a name for the product. Sure, you might think naming a product is something you can do with ease by throwing darts at a page of a dictionary, but in fact it is incredibly important. The name of the product could be the difference between being a household name, or being a name no one recognizes. I look forward to participating in naming brainstorming sessions in the coming weeks.

This past week, I also had the chance to do some writing for the Liggett quarterly magazine, the POV. The POV’s latest issue is on the obsession with “new”, so I was able to contribute to two articles written about why “new” is all the rage, and why retro styles are as popular now as they were when they were new thirty years ago.

As you can tell, I’ve been kept very busy at Liggett and continue to be excited about what new tasks and challenges will be presented to me in the coming weeks.

Dan F.

Copywriting Intern


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