Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Working Together

Variety is a great word to describe life at Liggett. Each day there is something different to do and someone new to help out. It’s exciting to learn from various Liggett employees because each one has his or her own way of getting the job done.

When we are not busily working in our cubicles on different jobs, we’re developing our intern project. The word variety definitely applies here as well. Throwing eight different college students together to work on a project isn’t exactly easy – but it is a lot of fun. There are eight different personalities, eight different opinions and one compromise. Everyone has his or her own great ideas, and combining them is the tricky part. It’s like a puzzle we all have to figure out piece by piece.

The eight of us working together is like our own agency. We have all of the departments of Liggett represented in our group. Each intern has his or her own job. I like how Liggett challenges us with this project. It’s giving us valuable experience on how each department works together as a team.

It’s hard to believe we are hitting the halfway mark of the internship! It is flying by for sure.

Kristen N.
Program Management Intern

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