Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hitting fairways and computer screens

Yesterday was certainly a day unlike any other at the office-perhaps because I was not in the office at all! I had the opportunity to work a hole at the AAF regional golf outing. This experience was actually much more intriguing than one would imagine. Sure, while there were a bunch of professionals elated to take a few hours out of their work week to get in a round of 18; it also was a great means of networking and chatting it up with some people from other agencies.

But even more important than the networking, was getting an overall sense of the character of the people who work in this industry. We all know that the employees at Liggett are extremely excited to walk out of the elevator and into their office five days a week, but its nice to see that this is something that seems to occur for the overwhelming majority of those I had the chance to speak with yesterday. Whether people were from the account side, the creative side, or somewhere in between, the general consensus was that these men and women really loved their jobs. I feel this is a very important attribute of this industry, and something very important for an intern such as myself to see. I do not want to go into an industry where the most of the people in it are miserable and just waiting for each day to end. I want to know that people love what they do. Different people were excited to talk about where they worked and how they got there. They were overjoyed to reflect on that fact that the path they have taken has gotten them somewhere they are proud to be.

But I’ve done a little more than sit on a golf course since my last post. Liggett has kept me busy thinking of ads for potential new business in terms of print ads, ambient ads, and even banner ads for the internet. For those of you out there who have always dreamed of making video games, advertising might be the place for you! On several occasions I have been asked to think of different web games for certain clients. While this might not be designing the next Grand Theft Auto, it is definitely an opportunity to do something that I never imagined doing before, and something that is somewhat of a dream for ever young man at some point. Whether it is a simple game that takes two minutes to complete, or creating a game that makes one want to sit in front of the computer for hours, clients want to get people hooked any way possible, and its great to know I am a part of that.

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