Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still Learning From Books

An ongoing process, learning is something no one can live without. Not only are the interns here at Liggett learning from employees, but we are also learning from our books. Yes, books. Something us college students are far too familiar with. At the beginning of the internship, each intern was assigned a book about the business - and yes, we all have to present a book report.

Right now I’m reading Buying In, a book by Rob Walker about why consumers buy what they buy. What’s great about reading this book is finding out how the author looks at the business. Reading about his take on the different campaigns of different products is informative and interesting. From Hello Kitty to Red Bull, Walker researched how each product’s campaign was and is executed. He gives his opinion and reasoning why certain products are more successful than others.

An assignment such as this one proves that reading can open your eyes to different opinions and perspectives. Some of the information Walker found shows how different campaigns go about delivering their messages. As times change, people change - and so does their wants. Advertising has to change with it. Everyday, advertising is evolving with the world. It can never be done in the same way over and over again.

The interns are presenting their book reports this Friday while we celebrate Ham Day. I’m curious to see what everyone has learned from his/her book. It should be interesting…

Kristen N.

Program Management Intern

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