Friday, July 04, 2008

Navigating Summer

Wow! It goes without saying that summer is flying by. So far, my internship has been more than I expected. I routinely work with true public relations professionals that are not only engaging me in a variety of projects ranging from internal publicity to creating media lists, but also offering a plethora of advice and guidance. I am most thankful for building an admirable relationship with my mentor. From offering me insightful career and public relations industry advice to allowing me to spearhead projects, my mentor has made my internship exciting and informative thus far. Working under my mentor’s counsel has been the biggest perk of the program to date.
The project I am most proud of, so far, is an internal publicity project that was picked up by an editor of a large trade publication. I drafted a release (essentially a case study) of a marketing campaign executed by LS that was pitched to PR Week. The editor was impressed and has since assigned a reporter to follow-up. For any firm, gaining trade publication recognition is pivotal to gain the interest of prospective clients and to position your firm as an industry leader.
Marc F.
Program Management Intern

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