Wednesday, July 09, 2008

2nd Field Trip

We recently took our second field trip to a Cleveland printing company called Watt Printers. Liggett Stashower has worked with this printing company for several of their projects. I was very anxious for this tour to see how everything was completed. Being a graphic design major, I deal with printing all the time and I am aware of the complicated process that can go into producing something. When we arrived at the company, we were all taken into a room where we were explained the basics of printing. We were shown different paper types, different binding techniques, and also examples of various printing methods. Not many of the interns have dealt with printing before which meant that much of the information we were given was new to them.

Everyone seemed very eager and interested to learn about the process. After our information session, we were taken on a tour to see the company. It was neat to see all the machines and how they operated. They explained how everything was so strategically run and how easy it could be to make a mistake on something. Even the smallest mistake could have major repercussions for a company. By the end of the tour everyone was impressed with the company and it seemed as though everyone had a newfound respect for printing. I was grateful that we were taken on this tour because I was able to gather new knowledge about printing that I can apply to my future experiences in my field. The interns have their next field trip soon and we are all looking forward to having another great experience.

Katie W.
Creative Intern

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