Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Socially Awkward?

During lunch today the interns held an open discussion about a few of the social networks available today, and how they can be used. Ben gave a PowerPoint presentation with a few screen shots, but most of the time was taken up by stories and experiences from interns and employees.

As a college student, it is almost assumed I know the intricacies of Facebook I have not been the biggest fan of this social network since it was opened up to anyone with access to the Internet. However, I was surprised to learn about all the different aspects available on the site. There are many applications, groups, events, etc., which really put Facebook at the peak of social networks. What started out as a way for college kids to meet new friends is now looking like a prime market for any business.

I did learn about many other types of networks that were intriguing. For instance, Delicious is a social book marking website that allows you to tag websites and access them from any computer. You could also share your tags with friends, or see the websites your family members have tagged. Today was also my second orientation on Twitter. This is a social blog that seems to be for people who are too busy to sit down and write a long blog, or is just waiting a long time in-between blog posts. Twitter allows a person to write what they are currently doing in 140 characters so his/her friends and family can see what this person has been up to. Businesses can use it as well to inform customers what it is currently doing. Twitter could be the next generation of social networking.

I am realizing there are many other types of networks and websites besides Facebook that I could really get into.The discussion today really educated me more than I thought it would, and I am very interested to find what else is out there on this thing we call the World Wide Web.

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