Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Agency Life: A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That

As a soon-to-be senior at Kent State studying public relations, I have admired this agency from afar since I heard about it my freshman year. After talking to some employees at LS, shadowing the interns for a day last summer and applying for a PR intern position last fall, I scored my dream internship. And now, all that I learned in my lecture classes are finally taking form. I am able to see the agency use all the tactics, writing styles and strategies I studied at Kent.

One of my favorite experiences so far was brainstorming with the fellow interns and an account coordinator for ideas on how to generate publicity for a potential client. I think it says a lot about LS that they look to the interns for new and fresh ideas and take the time to help us experience real-life agency situations. But that was just one of the fun jobs I have been a part of my first week (and three days) at Liggett.

At Kent, the public relations major is a part of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication; hence, it is writing intensive. I’m silently thanking all my past professors for assigning writing project after writing project to prepare me for this internship. Last week, I was assigned my first writing assignment: Writing two case studies about a client that builds open-air malls. What more could a girl ask for?

Each day I am confronted with a little bit of everything: From putting together press kits and writing case studies to sitting in on teleseminars with the Program Management group and organizing ad clippings for a decking company. It’s something new every day, and that is what I am beginning to love about working at LS. Give me a nice big cup of java, and I’m ready to take on the world.

Olivia M.
Program Management Intern

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