Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where am I?

Being one of the few non-Cleveland area interns I found myself asking this question on a daily basis. I come from a small town with two stoplights, so you could imagine the difficulty I was having with downtown Cleveland when I first arrived. A week has gone by now and I have become one with the streets of Cleveland. Prospect Avenue to Huron Road, no problem. Mayfield Road or Overlook Drive, been there drove that. Carnegie Avenue and Hessler Road, the list goes on and on. The sad thing is, I don’t even live in downtown Cleveland or even the surrounding suburbs. I guess you can say I’m just a man on a mission to drive the streets of my new summer home, Cleveland.

This lack of sense of direction carried over to my first few days at Liggett. The Liggett Stashower office is larger then it first appears in my defense. Even after a tour of the building I still had troubles finding my way to the bathroom for the first time. When I tried to find one of the meeting rooms I ended up in the employees lounge. At the end of my first day I felt like I had the Liggett office down, then I couldn’t find the exit. I even managed to park my car and forget where I parked it. I felt like Ashton Kutcher or Seann William Scott when I caught myself saying, “Dude where’s my car?”

Throughout my lost journeys here in Cleveland and Liggett Stashower I have been pleased to be surrounded by so many helpful people. When I was lost on some random street in Cleveland I rolled down my window and a complete stranger gave me detailed directions to get back on the highway. When I was couldn’t find my parking lot, a person on street pointed me in the right direction (after a very thorough explanation of how I managed to lose my car). Here at Liggett every employee I have met has been so helpful and kind. They don’t mind fielding my everyday questions. As you could imagine I ask lots of them. As they all say, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

One week has passed since my internship has started and I am happy to say I have found my place here at Liggett. I even managed to find my car.

Adam F.
Program Management Intern

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